We are serious about saving the environment for our children and their children to come by taking a more responsible stance on environmental issues of today. We are also working hard to make our company more eco-friendly and constantly looking for new ways to decrease our carbon footprint.

Our company is Green for the following reasons:

Reduced Paper Usage
We rely on email and other digital technology for billing, invoices, communication with clients, order reporting and more.

Reduced Energy Consumption
We use high efficiency T8 fluorescent lighting technology in our production, office and warehouse area.

Reuse and Recycle
The blown fiber filling that we use for our cushions contains small shavings of recycled plastics. We also use recycled cardboard and recycled polybags for all of our packaging.

Cushion Questions

Are your products made in the USA?
Our cushions and 9 foot autotilt fabric cover are manufactured in Indiana.  Market umbrellas are imported.

Do you have any cushions that will fit my furniture?
Compare the cushion style and measurements of your furniture or even an old cushion to our cushion selection.

What is the most effective way to get and read measurements?
Click on the 'How to Measure' page and follow the steps provided.

What is the most important information in choosing cushions?
Your cushion measurements are critical. Take all the steps needed to be sure of your decision.

Are the cushions water-proof?
The fabrics placed on the cushions are water resistant, but not fully water proof. If your cushions do get wet, turn them on their sides as the water will tend to run out quicker and faster drying times may be a result of doing so. Because our cushions are designed for outdoor use, they do dry quickly. Do not place them in a dryer.

Are the buttons on your cushions covered in fabric?
Yes, they are covered in the same fabric as the cushion however, in the case of stripes and patterns button covers may not match the cushion pattern exactly.

Fabric Questions

What Fabric Selections are available?               
We have an extensive selection of fabrics on display on the Fabric Solids,Fabrics Stripes and Fabric Patterns pages.

How can I know for sure that the fabric that I select will look good in my home?
We recommend samples to know exactly what the fabric appearance will be. Please click on Request Fabric Samples to order fabric samples.     

Are there more fabrics available other than those listed on the site?

All of our available fabrics are listed on the web site.

What is the difference between acrylic and spun polyester fabrics?
While both fabrics are considered to be smooth and comfortable to the touch, each fabric is different in its construction and finish. Please click on Fabric Facts to see detailed descriptions and special cleaning instructions.


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