Fabric Stripes
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All stripes are placed running vertically


440H 441H 451H
Seville Brannon Mason Stripe
Stripe SeaSide Redwood Forest Green
Acrylic (+$) Acrylic (+$) Acrylic (+$)
453H 570H 594H 672H
Brannon Bravada Dolce  Davidson
Stripe Tuxedo Salsa Stripe Stripe Oasis Str Redwood
Acrylic (+$) Acrylic (+$) Acrylic (+$) Acrylic (+$)
1336D 1390H 1477D 1596H
Oakdale Tradewinds Echo Stripe Brannon
Stripe Coral Laguna Garnet Whisper Stripe
Spun Poly Acrylic (+$) Spun Poly Acrylic (+$)
1889H 1963D
Milano Stripe   Mila Stripe
Char Aloe
Acrylic (+$) Spun Poly
2007H 2037H 2408H 2411H 2413D
Dolce Stripe Foster Spring   Stanton Astoria Westport 
Mango Lagoon Lagoon Stripe Teal
Acrylic (+$) Acrylic (+$) Acrylic(+$) Acrylic(+$) Spun Poly
2420D 2430H 2446D 2495H 2537H
Kasmira Lido Indigo Westport Milano Astoria Sunset
Str Driftwood Stripe Stripe Garden Colbalt Stripe
Spun Poly Acrylic(+$) Spun Poly Acrylic (+$) Acrylic (+$)
2601H 2781D 2950H 3053D
Stanton Cabana Stripe Icon Wickenburg
Greystone Turquoise Mystique Indigo Stripe
Acrylic (+$) Spun Poly Acrylic (+$) Spun Poly
3566H 3736H 3775D
Shore Regatta  Shore Classic Covert Stripe
  Stripe Stripe Breeze
Acrylic (+$) Acrylic (+$) Spun Poly
3954D 4330D 4401D
Bonfire Sierra Covert Stripe   Cala Stripe
Stripe Sailor Watermelon
Spun Poly Spun Poly Spun Poly
4787E 4788E 4789E
Heatwave Heatwave Heatwave
Cobalt Coral Turquoise
Spun Poly Spun Poly Spun Poly

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