How to Measure

How to measure

If you are needing help determining the measurements that you need for your replacement cushions, it is best to measure your furniture that the cushions will be going on.

In the following steps, we use a sample chair to demonstrate the proper way to take effective measurements. Once you have taken measurements, you will be able to easily find the cushions that you are searching for.

Important tips to remember.
*Old cushions tend to spread out over time and may throw your measurements off.
*Remember not to smash the cushion down while measuring.
*Measure edge to edge - not seam to seam

Measure your Furniture

By measuring your furniture this will give you more accurate measurements as opposed to measuring cushions.

The best way is imagine a cushion sitting on the chair. Try to visualize how you would like it to be.

To measure your furniture, follow the steps below.

Step 1 - Take a measurement across the seat of the cushion. This will give you the width.

Step 2 -Measure from the highest point of where you want the cushion to be down to the seat of the cushion. This will give you the back measurement.

Step 3 - Next, take a measurement from the back of the chair to the front edge. This measurement will be for the seat of the chair.

Step 4 - Now that you have all of your measurements, put them together as shown below in the cushion demonstration. Since there is no way to take measurements on the thickness,  we have standard thickness of individual cushions.

Please refer to the diagram below to give you a specific view of cushions and how they are referred to such as thickness, back, and seat. 

Format for reading our measurements: Width X Length X Thickness (Back/Seat)

Step 1 = Measure the width of your cushion. Remember to measure the furthest edges of the cushion and not seams.

Step 2 = Next, either lay the cushion flat or sit it up. You will want to measure from the top edge down to the break of the cushion. This will give you the back measurement of the cushion.

Step 3 = Same as step 2. Measure from the break or fold of the cushion down to the bottom of the cushion. This measurement will be for the bottom of the cushion.

Step 4 = Lay the cushion on a flat surface. With a ruler or measuring tape, record the length that you see. You should be measuring edge to edge and not seam to seam. Try to refrain from smashing the cushion down while taking measurements.

*Check your measurements = Step 2 and Step 3 should the overall measurement.

Step 5 = The final step is to measure the thickness of your cushion. Keep in mind that every cushion may differ slightly and it is ok to estimate the thickness of your cushions.

Now that you have all the measurements that you need, put them in order and use the formula to search for the cushion that best fits your measurements and preferences.

SAMPLE -  cushion measurements = 20 X 36 X 3 (19/17)  -   19/17 is the break for the seat and back.  19 is back heigth and 17 is seat depth.

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